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featured Reattas:

ONLY 56k miles
1990 Buick Reatta 
White Coupe!
mileage: 56,000
location: Cedar Rapids, IO
asking price:$7,700
White Buick Reatta For Sale Low Mileage

ONLY 46k miles
1990 Buick Reatta 
Black w/ Mock Top
mileage: 46,000
location: Cambridge, OH
asking price:$5,500

SPEcial order!
red convertible

mileage: 52,681
location: Ohio
asking price:$27,500

Original Owner!
Low Miles!
1989 Reatta Coupe!

mileage: 24,200
location: Miami, FL
asking price:$6,000

1991 Buick Reatta
Red coupe

location: Waring, TX
asking price:$8,950

The Buick Reatta

A hand-made luxurious Sports Coupe, the Buick Reatta was produced in Lansing Michigan. The Reatta model was built for only 4 years, from 1988 to 1991. With a total of just under 22,000 produced, the Buick Reatta is a unique and rare collectors car. Collectors love it for it's fantastic styling, comfortable interior, great handling, and overall drivability. The convertible Reatta is in a class by itself and even more collectible. 

Total number of Reattas produced:
1988 - 4,708
1989 - 7,009
1990 - 8,515 including 2,132 rag tops
1991 - 1,519 including 305 rag tops

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Buick Reatta Facts

Find quick Reatta facts on our fact page, including mileage and specs. View Motor Week road tests, the Pros & Cons of owning a Reatta, and fuel economy information.

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